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Musical Instrument Repair


Meant for new instruments under 5 years old or instruments serviced annually. Pad seating checked; springs adjusted as necessary; instrument regulated.


Instrument is dis-assembled and cleaned. Pads & springs are checked. A service may include replacement of up to 3 pads and springs. Keys are swedged where necessary/possible. Instrument is re-assembled and oiled with pads reseated and instrument regulated.

(Polishing and replacement of cork joints/crook corks counts as extra.)


As for Full Service but all pads are replaced.


Replacement of all pads, springs and corks. May include minor repair work.

(We recommend returning the instrument a month after having a RePad or Full Overhaul to check regulation.)


Due to its nature, repair work can only be priced on sight, but prices start at about £10.00 for small jobs.


Brass repairs

We undertake repairs to brass instruments. Please enquire for prices.

We can also do certain repairs to a wide variety of other instruments. If we can't do it, we probably know someone who can, so don't be afraid to ask!

MARSHALL McGURK, Elm House Farm, Crosby, Maryport, Cumbria, CA15 6SH
Phone: 01900 813200