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The cheaper option of reseating chairs (and particularly stools) in seagrass or cotton cord is very popular, and can also be used successfully on seats that were previously rush-seated.

Seagrass comes mainly from China: it arrives in the UK ready twisted, like a rough, stiff rope, and comes in two thicknesses. It can be woven in a variety of patterns, traditionally either in a chequerboard pattern or the rush pattern, but many others are possible. It's attractive and possibly even stronger than rush. Seagrass looks rather like a very heavy grade string or thin rope. We charge only 35p per square inch to reseat a stool or seat with seagrass, whatever the pattern.

However, we currently can't get seagrass in the quality we need, so we're advising our customers to try something else instead. Danish cord, for instance, makes a very nice seat which looks almost the same as seagrass, and costs the same (36p) per square inch.

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See Bigger Version Of Photo Of Stool Seated With Seagrass In Ally's Diamond Pattern

Stool seated in standard thickness seagrass - the pattern is an original one designed by Ally, known as 'diamonds'.

Click To See Bigger Version Of Photo Of Stool Seated With Thick Seagrass In
Traditional Chequerboard Pattern

Stool seated in the traditional chequerboard pattern using thick seagrass.

Child's Chair With Seagrass Seat In The Traditional Chequerboard

A child's chair with a seat woven in the traditional chequerboard pattern using the thinner type of seagrass.

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Version Of Photo Of Stool Seated In Coloured Cotton Cord In An
Original Pattern By Ally

Stool seated in coloured cotton cord in a square spiral pattern - another of Ally's original designs.


Cotton cord is lovely and soft to work with, and is about the same thickness as seagrass. It comes in its natural, creamy colour on 1 kilogram rolls. This colour goes very well with modern decor.
We can re-weave your seats in cotton cord at 36p per square inch (April 2013), or you can buy some for your own use from our shop .


Polycord is a useful alternative to seagrass and cotton cord. It's made from nylon, so is incredibly hardwearing. It's ideal for use on garden furniture, as it doesn't mind getting wet, and is also very popular with craft groups and occupational therapy classes as it's very easy to work with. It's about the same thickness as standard seagrass and comes in 8 colours: white, black, straw, dark brown, red, blue, yellow and green.
We can do the job for you in polycord for 35p per square inch, or you can buy your own - and see the colours available - in our shop.

To purchase cord products including seagrass from our online shop, click here

Click To See Bigger Version Of Photo Of Set Of 3 Stools Seated With Coloured Cotton

A set of 3 stools reseated in brown and green cotton cord in the same 'diamonds' pattern as the seagrass stool above.

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See Bigger Version Of Photo Of Stool Covered With Coloured Cotton Cord In Another
Original Pattern

A stool seated in brown and yellow cotton cord in another of Ally's original patterns. These patterns are all included in the "SitUpon Stool Book".

Child's Chair With Seagrass Seat In The Rush Pattern

A similar child's chair with a thin seagrass seat woven in the rush pattern.

Stool With Curved Seagrass Seat

White painted stool with curved seat, woven in the traditional seagrass chequerboard pattern.