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Sitting On A Child's Chair With Paper Rush Seat

BB sitting on a child's chair seated with paper rush


Rush seats are attractive and very hardwearing. It comes as no surprise to discover that they are commonly used in churches and other places where chairs get a lot of use.


Even a rush seat, strong as it is, eventually wears away and needs replacing. They are also popular with energetic cats who are pleased to find a specially designed scratching post!

More or less any chair with rails around the seat can be rushed, although those that were originally designed for rush seating usually have rough, unfinished wood on these rails.


If you would like to undertake the job yourself we can supply the rushes but using real rush is probably not a job for a novice. There are other alternatives if you've never tried this sort of thing before, such as kraft paper rush (which looks very like the real thing and comes in several colours), seagrass in two thicknesses or ready-twisted rush, which, although not for complete beginners is a lot easier than using natural rush. Please eMail or phone (01900 813200) for advice.


Unfortunately we can no longer undertake chair reseating with natural rush, although we're happy to reseat these same chairs with ready-twisted real rush or artificial paper rush, which is very realistic-looking.

At the moment (April 2013) we charge 37p per square inch for ready-twisted real rush and 36p per square inch for paper cord or seagrass. Paper rush comes in a variety of colours - please ask for details by email or phone 01900 813200.

I was reluctant to give up rush-seating, but the action of repeatedly pulling and twisting at the wet rushes was beginning to damage my hands, and as a musician I had to get my priorities right. I'm delighted to offer advice and support to anyone who wants to try the job for themselves, however, and we can supply all the materials you require.

In case my story worries you - it took many years' work on rush seats to hurt my hands. You are perfectly safe just doing a few seats for your own use!

Rush Seated Chair

Above - Typical rush chair, newly reseated with natural rush.

Set Of 6 Tall Kitchen Chairs Seated With Rush

Above - A set of 6 tall kitchen chairs seated with rush.

A Rush
Seat Woven In A Slightly Different Pattern

Above - Close-up of one of the chairs from the above set. Notice how the pattern differs from the first one.

In Seat Re-Seated In Kraft Paper Rush

Abovle - Drop-in seat reseated with Kraft paper rush. Once again this is a different pattern. We can copy the pattern on your old seat to match the original.

To purchase rush materials from our online shop, click here.
To purchase kraft paper rush and see the colours available, click here.

Children's Chairs Seated With Paper Rush

Click to see bigger photo.


As you can see in the photo (left) kraft paper rush looks very much like the real thing. It's easy to work with, so if you want to try doing it yourself it's an ideal choice for a first chair. On the other hand, I'm happy to reseat your chairs in this material, and can stain it with woodstains of various colours to make it look even more natural. It's strong and hardwearing, and can be finished with a couple of coats of dilute water-based polyurathane varnish which makes it more or less waterproof and ideal for places where small children may be spilling things!


As you can see in the photos, there are many variations on the basic, traditional "rush pattern". If you send us a seat for repair, we can match the original - it's always fun for us, discovering new patterns!

If you're reseating your own chairs, and want some advice on copying an unusual pattern, please email first, and then be prepared to email us clear, high resolution photos showing your seat. We can draw you a diagram showing how to work your own seat, though there will have to be a small charge for this, as it takes time to do it properly!

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