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Rotacane Staking Cane



We have spoken to the manufacturers of Rotacane, who tell us that it's some years since they last made this product. However, from time to time we manage to get our hands on some old stock, and because the manufacturers have assured us that it stores very well, we are happy to be able to offer this stock, as new, to our customers.

Currently we have quite a lot of Rotacane, of both weaving and staking thicknesses. We also have several rolls of brightly coloured Rotacane, in weaving thickness, as well as a few rolls of flat Rotacane, which can be used as lapping cane, or for seat-weaving - very useful for canoe seats that get wet a lot.

All types cost £10.00 per full roll.

Sometimes the packaging of these rolls looks a bit worn, as they may have been in storage for a while, but don't worry - the Rotacane inside is new, clean and unused.

You can now purchase this via our new e-commerce SHOP by clicking here, although if you prefer you can still pay by cheque. If you'd like to do this, please click here for an order form or phone 01900 813200 or email Ally.

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