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SitUpon Seats usually have square stool kits in stock. These are about 12 inches square, are made from solid beech, (300mm x 300mm) and can be seated in a variety of ways, and of course so far as wood treatment goes the only limitation is your imagination!

Sadly we can no longer get the other sizes of stools, nor the lovely children's chairs that used to be available, although we are still looking for a new supplier of these. If you happen to know someone who could make these kits for us at a reasonable price, we would be very interested in hearing from you.

Prices correct at October 2013

size: L x B x H






Square stool
300x300x275mm (12"x12"x11")






To purchase stool kits from our online shop, click here


COTTON CORD comes in 1 kilo rolls, which is more than enough for one stool. It's lovely material to work with, and nowadays can only be obtained in natural, unbleached colour (a nice creamy, off-white shade).

POLYCORD comes in a variety of shades and we can usually supply whichever colours you want in your kit. The standard kit comes with two rolls, of any colours you want. Just ask!

PAPER RUSH comes in several thicknesses and a variety of colours - too many variations to show here. If you'd like a kit with paper rush, please phone 01900 813200 or email ally - to find out what's available at the moment.

DANISH CORD is what we are now using instead of seagrass, which has been quite poor quality recently. Danish cord looks almost exactly the same - see photo here, is made of tough, Kraft paper, and is very easy to work with and long lasting. We supply 1kg of Danish cord with these kits, and that's more than enough for a seat.


All these kits can be ordered as ready made seats. They make great Christmas and birthday presents but please allow at least a month's notice as they will be made to order. If you'd like a stool or child's chair made, please either phone 019600 813200 or email Ally to chat about styles and colours available.

NEEDLE: a seagrass needle is included in seagrass and cotton cord kits (not paper rush) unless you ask for it to be left out. If you need a second kit, for example, you probably won't want a second needle as well, so please email ally for current price minus these items.

INSTRUCTION BOOKS can also be bought separately - Click here to read more about our instruction manuals.

COLOURS Please phone or email for colours of cord and paper rush currently available.

NEW PATTERNS We're always designing new patterns for woven seats. The instruction booklet comes with 4 of these printed in full colour, but if you'd like some of the others please let us know. We can sell copies of patterns to established customers at a nominal cost, and in the near future a complete book of these should be available. We can also produce a pattern based on a simple design or logo if you wish - e.g., an initial letter of a child's name.

WEIGHT Most kits weigh between 1.5 - 2 kilos, but please enquire for current postage rates

Photo Of A Square Stool Seated With Seagrass In A Diamonds Pattern

Left: Square stool woven in our exclusive DIAMOND PATTERN. You can make this from one of our kits.


We usually have a few ready-made stools or children's chairs for sale. Please visit our ONLINE SHOP to see what's currently available.