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Danish Cord Chair

Above - typical Danish dining chair seated with Danish cord. (Click for bigger pic.)


Danish cord is an incredibly strong twine, manufactured from paper, and used mainly, though not exclusively, on a particular type of very stylish Danish furniture such as the one illustrated (left).

Traditionally the cord is secured under the seat by a series of little L-shaped nails, as can be seen in the detail (right).

We can reseat these chairs for you, or we can provide the Danish cord and the L- shaped nails if you'd like to try the job yourself. There's a particular weave used for these chairs - it's not in our instruction manuals yet, but we're happy to advise if you want to have a go.

You can also use Danish cord as a substitute for seagrass - it will work very well in most of the seagrass patterns.

Detail Of The Underside Of A Chair Seated With Danish Cord Showing The L-Shaped

Above - Detail of the underside of a chair seated with Danish cord, showing the L- shaped nails. (Click for bigger pic.)


During the Second World War, when Denmark was occupied by German troops, it was impossible to get rubber tyres for vehicles, and the factory that made Danish seating cord came up with a paper cord so tough that it could be used as a substitute for tyres. There's a lot more to paper than meets the eye!

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