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Marcel Breuer Bauhaus Chair

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YES! We can repair them!

This well-designed chair is one of the most popular ever created: there must be examples in houses in every country in the world.

It was designed in 1928 in that hothouse of furnishing creativity known as the Bauhaus by Marcel Breuer, who was inspired by the strength and elegance of the tubular steel in the bicycle he was riding. He named his creation after his young daughter, Francesca.

Many people in the UK bought chairs in this style in the 1970s and 1980s, from shops such as Habitat, Heals or John Lewis. By now, many of these caned seats - and some of the backs, too - are beginning to show their age, and are in dire need of repair.

It no longer seems to be possible to buy replacement seats, but here at SitUpon Seats we can offer a speedy and efficient service to replace the cane webbing on the seats or backs of these chairs, and make them as good as new.

The seats and backs are simply fixed to the framework with a few screws which can be located under the seat or behind the backrest. When removing the screws, please be careful to store them in a safe place whilst the seat is being repaired!

Marcel Breuer Bauhaus Carver

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If you'd like us to re-seat your chairs for you, please contact us by phone – 01900 813200 – or email


  1. Contact us, either by phone on 01900 813200 or by email (click here) to let us know you're planning to send a seat or seats.
  2. Pack your seats up very securely. You can read our advice regarding packing by clicking here - Packing your seats. Please remember that parcels are sometimes not treated well when in transit!
  3. Make sure you've included your name, address, phone number and email address inside the parcel, so that we can contact you when it arrives, and let you know how much the postage back to you will be. This depends on the way you've packed the parcel, as different packing materials have different weights.
  4. When the parcel arrives here, we'll contact you with the total cost including carriage charges, insurance and handling. We'll also give you an idea how soon to expect your seats back.
  5. While we're working on your seats, you can send us a cheque for the total requested. Normally this will arrive here before we're ready to send the seats back.
  6. We pack up your re-caned seats and send them back to you.


Prices of cane products have recently rocketed, but we're doing our best to keep our prices at a sensible level. Currently it costs £57.50 for a seat, and £55 for a back, though please confirm the price with us before proceeding.

There is also a standard handling charge for each parcel: at the moment this stands at £1.50 for most parcels - it can be a little higher if we have to pack up a large number of seats or if we have to use our own packaging materials where those used to send the parcel were damaged or inadequate. We'll advise you of this when your parcel arrives here, of course.

We use clean recycled packaging materials as much as possible, as we are very concerned about the environment. Don't be surprised to find a selection of clean supermarket carrier bags filling the voids in your parcel!


Cane webbing is commonly used for such things as:

  • Covering cupboard doors;
  • Making radiator panels;
  • Canoe seats;
  • Various other decorative purposes.

We're happy either to give advice for your own project, and sell you the materials, or undertake the job for you. Just phone (019200 813200) or email ally.