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If you only know us from our concerts, you may not realise we also undertake school workshops with primary school children from time to time. These can take a variety of formats. Sometimes we arrive dressed in Tudor costume and teach the children some simple dances from the period, accompanied by live recorder music, as well as demonstrating more complex dances.

At schools where the pupils are learning to play recorder we can come and work with them, showing them new techniques and ideas.

We can only work in schools fairly nearby, as we all have other commitments and don't have time to travel far, but if your school is in the Cockermouth/ Workington /West Cumbria area and you'd like us to come and work with your young students, please get in touch via our Diary/Contact page.

Piping Hot In
Tudor Costume At A Primary School Workshop Piping Hot In
Tudor Costume At A Primary School Workshop

DEAR PIPING HOT.... fak yu for tich nus.

Dear Piping Hot.
I reley liked your Beautiful music. I like dansing. I like the one wher we had to jump. I love dansing. I have a book in my loker abour tuders. We are lurning about Tuders it is reley cool. I loved your instrmans. from Imogen
....u ar very good becaus you learn use all dance we want you to come back every day. All of you shud be a soper star and you shud be a teacher like all the teachers. We whant you to come all the time. from Brian Thank you for coming to xxxx school. You tech my to play the recorders and tyou tech use to do the Galliard and the clog Branle and pavanne. Soa Thank you for coming.
Fak Yu For
Tich Nus
Dear Piping Hot.
Thank you so much. It's the best lesson I have had. I hope I see you agian. It's been a fun day. I've learnt how to dance..... best of luck for the other children. from Jesse
Dear Piping Hot.
Thank you for coming in to school and for you played lovely music. My favourite piece was Earl of (Exess) (Esexess) Essex. I knew Henry VIII did. I bet he had 1,000s. I would like to know if you think (thought) that Anne Boleyn had six fingers. yours truly Catrin
Did Anne Boleyn
Have 6 Fingers? Dear Piping Hot
fancue forcumming to ower school. The musik was nice, the floots make a funny sounds. The dresses where nice too. from Kemal
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