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Piping Hot Recorders play recorder music in North West Cumbria. We're all women, and come from a variety of backgrounds including America, Scotland, Northern Ireland and even England.

Why Piping Hot? It has been suggested the name came about as a joke, because we seem to end up playing so often in very cold churches.

NEW! - Piping Hot photos on Flickr

As our collection of photos was becoming somewhat unwieldy I've uploaded a few of them to my Flickr photostream. If you'd like to see them, please follow the PHOTOS link at the top of any of our pages.

Piping Hot - 7 Of Us Piping Hot 6 Of Us

7 of us Ruth Smith, Ally McGurk (front), Rachel McConkey (peeping over Ally's head), Sam Willis, Val Hetherington, Sharon Taylor, Jane Bebbington.

6 of us Sharon Taylor, Ruth Smith, Val Hetherington, Rachel McConkey, Bridget Hilton, Ally McGurk.

Jonathan Smith, Piping Hot's Mascot

Jonathan Smith, our original mascot.

Our collection of mascots is growing. Jonathan now has a little brother, and Sam has recently produced the wonderful young Kit (the baby who understands instinctively the need to be quiet in a recording studio). We hope to have photos of these redoutable young gentlemen in due course.


A Piping Hot
Recorders School Workshop By Catrin

Catrin's drawing of one of our school workshops.

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